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Woodbridge International’s Team-of-Experts approach to M&A differentiates us from all other M&A firms: we deploy specialists throughout the transaction process who are uniquely qualified to complete the tasks associated with their phase. These experts, along with the firm’s supervising partners, provide clients with a higher level of attention and results than just a single investment banker or two can deliver.

We continue to build out our transaction teams to handle increased deal volume and are seeking Underwriters, Marketing Associates and Deal Negotiators/Closers. We welcome qualified applicants for these positions:

Underwriter. Woodbridge conducts a rigorous underwriting/due diligence process with every sell-side client before bringing the company to market. The Underwriter visits the client’s company shortly after Woodbridge is engaged. He or she gathers and scrutinizes all financials and other business documents to ensure no deal-breaking or delaying issues arise in buyer due diligence prior to closing. The Underwriter works with clients to resolve any potentially problematic business issues and is also responsible for populating the virtual data room before the company is brought to market.

Marketing Associate. Marketing Associates interact directly with interested buyers and are sales-oriented, client advocates. He or she engages buyers and motivates them to submit competitive offers to buy our client’s business. The Marketing Associate also works with the Underwriter to collect and respond to Q&As submitted by potential buyers.

Deal Negotiators/Closers. This critical role involves negotiating Letters of Intent and driving the transaction through due diligence so it closes on or before the closing date deadline. Woodbridge Closers are assertive and demanding of all parties, including attorneys, accountants and lenders, to ensure the deal closes quickly and to our client’s satisfaction.

Woodbridge also invites independent investment bankers working on or sourcing deals to augment the service they provide their clients by joining our team. We bring significant research and marketing advantages to sell-side deals such as extensive global research, the most robust marketing campaigns in the industry, and a 2-minute marketing video produced in-house on every company we bring to market…all to ensure clients receive the best buyer fit and highest price for their business.